• Image of PRESALE! The Little Grey Splot by Nicholas Straight

For quite some time we have wanted to publish a children's book and that joyous day is fast approaching! We are proud to announce that we will be debuting "The Little Grey Splot" by Nicholas Straight at SPX! It is a gorgeous full colour activity book for kids of all ages that encourages them to draw their own fantasies! Much in the vein of Ed Emberly's drawing books The Little Grey Splot gives kids the art building blocks and let's them run crazy.

However in order to be able to send it off to press in time for SPX we need a small push to meet the printing budget. So we are offering it here at a REDUCED PRICE PRESALE! We would appreciate it a whole heck of a lot if you felt like getting one...or a few.

Oh did we mention the book comes with a pdf download code so you can download unlimited extra "splotch" drawing pages?!

Here are some sneak peeks at some early pages of the book.

40 pages (Covers +36)
Full Colour CMYK
Perfect Bound
Soft Cover
Includes free PDF download of extra SPLOTCH drawing activity pages

Release date Sept 13, 2014

Sold Out