• Image of HIVE Comics Anthology NUMBER FIVE

HEY HIVE FIVE IS HERE! Now is your chance to be the first kid of your block to be the proud starry eyed owner of the fifth installment in Grimalkin Press' globe spanning comics anthology series.

Featuring a stunning array of cartoonists and loving hand made vellum dust jackets and silk screened belly band packaging. Artists from far flung places like Brazil, Scotland, Germany and the U.K. and then back to Springfield, MO!

192 Pages! Perfect Bound!

Featuring work by

Cole Closser
Chris Mostyn
Joe Decie
Reynold Kissling
Sam Sharpe
Box Brown
Andrew Waugh
Daniel Locke
Dax Delap
Jess Smart Smiley
Hawk Krall
Noah Van Sciver
Lord Hurk
Lilli Loge
Gary Fields
John Kinhart
Jonathan Baylis
T.J Kirsch
Thomas A. Boatwright
Danny Hellman
David Ziggy Greene
Curt Sibling
Lauren Barnett
Josh Blair
Nicholas Labarre
Dave O'Shell
Paola Gavira
Paul O'Connel
Laurence Elwicke
Ed Choy Moorman
Eric Scrivner
J.B. Winter
Craig Collins
Iain Laurie
Gregory Benton

Cover Art by Megan Frauenhoffer

Limited run! Get yours!

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